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With The Green Wave Study, you will have access to a map of the challenges and opportunities for building the green economy in Brazil.


What is The Green Wave Study

The Green Wave study is a mapping of the main challenges the country is facing with regards to the environmental agenda.
The study resulted in the first qualified framework containing key sectors, drivers, and opportunities for the low carbon ecosystem in the country.


From field research to in-depth analysis. Find out how the Study was conducted


Discover in-depth analysis of environmental challenges and solutions in Brazil


In order to understand where we stand today and prepare for the future, we must first comprehend how we got here. We have traced our history and highlighted the main milestones in the relationship between the environment and the Brazilian economy since the 19th century.

Emerging vision

In addition to mitigating the negative environmental impacts generated by economic activity, the emerging view is moving towards integrating positive environmental impact into businesses, making it strategic and fundamental for corporate sustainability.


Despite all the wealth produced in our country, there are still challenges that require more efficient action, both from private and public initiatives, such as: climate change; deforestation and forest degradation; unregulated occupation of land; and insufficient basic sanitation.

Green markets and opportunity matrix

Within the green economy, there are market trends that could gain a lot of ground in Brazil. The world today presents business opportunities in the fields of bioeconomy, environmental asset markets, product traceability and regenerative businesses.

Regenerative future

Our future as humanity depends on a new economic model oriented towards the regeneration and rehabilitation of the planet. The integration of sustainability in private initiatives, mainly based on ESG criteria, is a major advance in recent years, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Discover opportunities and innovative solutions for sustainability in Brazil

In addition to the financial sector, we have mapped 7 key sectors of the green economy, illustrated in the figure, and identified opportunities for new technologies and business models. Anyone interested in green businesses can use the matrix as a route to their goals. On the Onda Verde Platform you can find out about businesses in each of the sectors.

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The Green Wave presents a comprehensive overview of the main opportunities and challenges for developing low-carbon solutions in key sectors of the Brazilian economy. With a critical and diverse view of stakeholders, the study explores the feasibility and benefits of accelerating the transition towards a more sustainable and resilient economy in the face of climate change challenges.

Jaqueline Nichi - Climate Ventures

The Green Wave identifies the key opportunities of the transition towards a low-carbon economy that is expected by the middle of this century. It is a central source of information for entrepreneurs and investors to navigate the challenges of the transition.

Gustavo Pinheiro - Climate and Society Institute

There are opportunities that range from helping in the transparency of information, contributing to the traceability and origin of products to efficient ways of brokering businesses. It is important to have services that can help mitigate risks and lay the foundations that will keep our forests standing.

Maria Eugênia Taborda - UNEP FI