Calculate the climate impact of your green solution for free

The Climate Impact Calculator measures, in just a few steps, the potential for reducing CO2 emissions and other climate indicators of your product or service.


Why measure climate impact?

Make the impact visible

By presenting calculations on the climate impact of your solution, you not only become accountable in your market, but you also increase your credibility and authority in the sector in which you operate.

Improve strategic decision making

By using the calculator to make impact projections, you can more accurately define the appropriate path for achieving your sustainable goals.

Boost market positioning

The calculation of your organization's positive impact can be used for your communication, branding strategies, and sales pitch, highlighting the environmentally responsible positioning of your solution.

How to use our calculator

Basic data

To start calculating your potential climate impact, you will need to provide some basic information about your organization, such as its name, email address, location and area of activity.

Impact factors

Each key sector has its own impact factors that are considered in order to perform the calculation with a specific approach for its area of activity.


The calculator will provide indicators such as CO2 equivalent of the climate impact of your solution.

Who is this calculator for?

The calculator is intended for organizations that have projects with the potential to generate a positive climate impact, regardless of the solution's maturity. It has been created using the Green Wave Study's opportunity matrix. See the image beside to identify the sectors for which we have methodologies available.


How the Climate Impact Calculator works

The calculations are based on the methodology developed in technical partnership with WayCarbon and apply internationally recognized standards such as IPCC, GHG Protocol and GPC. Still in Beta version, the tool will incorporate new indicators and generate even more accurate results for each key sector.

Find out more about how we do these calculations in our Methodology Letter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the calculator’s purpose?

The calculator aims to calculate the potential for reducing CO2 equivalent emissions and other climate impact indicators.

In this sense, it can be used for several applications, such as:

1) Carry out simulations and projections of the impact of a given project.

2) Compare the potential impact of different projects.

3) Strengthen the organization's positioning through impact indicators.

The calculator is aimed at organizations that have projects with the potential to generate a positive climate impact, regardless of the solution's stage of maturity.

The calculator will cover all the key sectors of the green economy mapped in The Onda Verde Study, as follows:

1) Forests and Land Use

2) Agriculture and Food Systems

3) Water and sanitation

4) Logistics and Mobility

5) Energy and Biofuels

6) Waste Management

7) Industry

8) Financial Sector

The sectors will be launched in a phased manner. Currently, for 2023, in addition to the Forests and Land Use sector, already available, the Agriculture and Water and Sanitation sectors will also be launched.

In order to use the calculator, you need to provide basic data identifying your organization, such as name, base state and document (CNPJ or CPF of the founder).

You also need to provide specific information about the projects in which your solution operates. This information varies according to the impact factor selected. If your organization has a reforestation project, for example, the information requested will be the project area, biome, phytophysiognomy, and expected growth of the area. If your project's impact is related to reducing the use of agricultural inputs, the information requested will be different, and so on.

For each key sector, there is a list of impact factors covered by the methodology. For each impact factor, there is a specific set of assumptions and calculation formulas. For the Forestry and Land Use sector, for example, there are 4 impact factors:

- Reduced use of agricultural inputs

- Reducing the burning of agricultural waste

- Prevention of deforestation

- Forest restoration

As the tool evolves, the idea is to include calculations for more and more possible impact factors.

For most of the impact factors, the result is expressed in terms of CO² equivalent removed or avoided. However, the tool's development plans include other economic and impact variables, such as jobs generated and hectares preserved, among others.

Yes! For that, you must:

1) Inform the organization's CNPJ at the time of filling in the calculator

2) Register with the same CNPJ as on the platform

3) Authorize the incorporation of information from the calculator into your profile